Day 1 of My Journey

So today is the day that I take the leap. I’m ready to do this now!

In reflecting back on 2013, I am truly grateful for the journey I have taken. It began in late January of last year that I made the resolve on my 41st birthday to make a number of significant changes and begin to create the best year of my life. The first decision I made was to leave a consulting project that I had been on for more than 2 1/2 years in Sacramento and take at least six months off to follow a dream.

I succeeded in taking off 7 1/2 months before accepting a new consulting project with one of my biggest clients, Microsoft. Over the course of that time period I focused on my life purpose and passion. I did things that filled me with joy and traveled to places I had never been. I spent time with friends and family developing new connections and deeper connections with those around me. I worked on projects related to some of my other business ventures and coached individuals on breaking through barriers that stood in their way. I even found myself in a relationship with someone I love dearly.

But I experienced some stumbling blocks and emotional setbacks too. I continue to experience my own fears and barriers with moving forward on some of my goals. I went from achieving great success in getting into really great shape by mid-summer only to spend the past several months regressing with my diet and losing what I had gained.

As I look forward to 2014, my intention is to continue focusing on living my purpose and passion. I know that gratitude is the key to happiness and contentment so my intention is also to focus more on what I have than what I don’t have. Finally, my intention is to live with even greater love and service to others, helping them to achieve their dreams just as I have.

I really miss what my life was like during that extended sabbatical and I would love to experience that freedom again. I know that I can and will experience it some day but that it will take some patience and dedication to living for today in order to create the tomorrow that I desire.